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Shopping and stoma fashion

If you are anything like myself shopping is not one of your top things to do.  I know for me that I am not a fan of shopping at all.  Every time I put on a piece of clothing that doesn’t work with me it makes me a little bit sad and pretty darn mad.  So when I found out a stoma and an ostomy bag were in my future I was really just depressed.  I hate shopping and I knew that I had no chance of ever learning how to look good or to hide my ostomy bag.  Well, that is why I am certainly happy that I am not the only one in this situation.  Lots of people hate shopping and on the other hand, there are insane amounts of people that love it.  So thank goodness for them!  Because I have learned so much from people who are willing to share how they conceal their ostomy bag and go about their daily life not letting people even guess that they have a stoma.  It is not because they are afraid to talk about it, but because they live normal lives. Normal lives don’t involve 14 conversations a day on your stoma.  Get it!  So learning how to look good and not stick out is just a life blessing.  So I want to go over how others helped me out and give some tips on how to learn these things that I would have never figured out.

Before I get into how I want to state that not all bodies are the same.  And a big part of fashion for stomas revolves around getting the best gear for your body.  Not all the people I found or talked to used the same things or brands.  They were pretty upfront about how different stoma location and even shapes make a difference and that we all need to find the best ostomy gear for us.  That is a key that goes through all the fashion and that is that you may need to find the right bag or seals that work for you while looking into concealing your ostomy bag.

My first task was to find people who knew more than myself.  It is 2020 after all so there was really not a problem with hopping online and learning what others has already learned long before me.  First I went through internet searches and forums and got a baseline for the basics of what people were doing and how they tried to live a normal life without people noticing they had a stoma. Then I decided to jump into the real world of fashion on social media.

The real answer for how to look is through seeing people live what they preach.  Instagram and Youtube are two platforms where you really can’t hide what you are doing except with photoshop.  So this was really the place that I tried to find people to follow and channels to subscribe to.  I found so many people from all aspects of life who were showing how they dressed and lived and giving tips.  The comments were actually positive and that is amazing for social media.  I ended up posting a lot and learning tons.  People were reaching out on how to help and I am not a bad looking person haha Give these tips a try and see how you feel.

Author: Wilford Giron

At the moment I'm managing wooden trains in Phoenix, AZ. Crossed the country researching race cars in Ocean City, NJ.

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