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How To Apply Ostomy Systems

You will learn the application of an ostomy system from your ostomy care nurse, but you may want to have a basic knowledge about the ostomy systems and the way you can use those systems.

One-piece ostomy pouching system

An ostomy pouching system that combines the skin barrier and the pouch to make one unit is known as the one-piece ostomy system. Here are the basic instructions on how you can use this system.

  • Clean the skin around the stoma and dry it well.
  • Measure the stoma.
  • If you are using a cut-to-fit ostomy pouch, be sure to prepare the skin barrier by creating an opening in it. This opening should be of the shape and size of your stoma.
  • Remove paper backing from the adhesive side of the stoma.
  • Place the pouching system over your stoma while making sure that the opening’s edges are not interfering with the stoma from any side.
  • Press the skin barrier gently, and make sure that there are no creases left under it, or it can cause leakage.
  • Keep the skin barrier pressed for a minute to ensure smoother application and a tighter, leak-proof seal.

Two-piece ostomy system

The ostomy pouching system that consists of a pouch and the skin barrier as two separable elements is known as a two-piece ostomy system. These elements connect through a coupling mechanism. Here is how you can apply this system.

  • Clean the skin around the stoma.
  • Measure your stoma to know its shape and size.
  • If you are using a cut-to-fit skin barrier, prepare it by creating a hole that matches the shape and size of your stoma. Alternatively, you can consider using a moldable skin barrier.
  • Remove backing paper from the adhesive side of the skin barrier.
  • Place the skin barrier over the stoma while making sure that the edges of the barrier opening do not interfere with the sides of the stoma.
  • Press the skin barrier well enough to ensure a tighter seal. Make sure to prevent the formation of any creases under the skin barrier. After the skin barrier is in place, snap the pouch on over the coupling device.

Removing the pouching system

You will need to change your ostomy pouch every 3-4 days, depending on the ability of the skin barrier to remain in place. Here is how you can remove an old pouching system.

  • Try to get hold of the outer edge of the skin barrier. Hold it between your fingers and peel it off the skin a little.
  • Press the skin near the edge of the skin barrier, and pull the skin barrier using your other hand. Use an adhesive remover if the seal is too strong.
  • Make sure to remain gentle with the process of skin barrier removal. You do not want to injure your peristomal skin.
  • After moving the skin barrier, wash the stoma and the skin around it. Make sure to avoid using soap that contains perfumes and oils, as they can leave a residue over the peristomal skin, compromising the skin’s ability to form a seal with the new skin barrier.
  • Before applying the skin barrier, clean the skin well, and dry it using a soft cloth.

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