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Your Stoma is not a Handicap

I hear it a little too often for my liking and that is the thought that having an ostomy bag is a flat out handicap.  Granted these are words that I normally hear from a child and that I 100% normal and acceptable.  Lack of knowledge is what children generally have and with a few educational tips they are usually very accepting of anyone with a stoma.  But the reality is that many adults are under the impression that a stoma stops you from having a life.  In fact, they think that most normal things that people do for fun are not capable of a stoma.  Part of me simply laughs at this and part of me actually gets a little bit upset at the talk. The fact is that ignorance is no longer bliss once you are past the age of 18.  The talking down to anyone with a stoma is flat out unacceptable and if you have one and feel that way due to someone shaming you, I am simply sorry.  You are not any less than anyone.  In fact, you are flat out normal.

There are so many people that have done incredible things all while having an ostomy bag attached.  If you want to talk about greatness, for goodness sake NepolanBonapart had an ostomy.  He pretty much took over the world with an ostomy bag attached and no one ever talks about that.  In fact, he was so incredible he created the Napoleonic Law which is now the basis for almost all the legal law in the entire world.  This man was a bit of a megalomaniac but the fact is that he achieved immortality in history and accomplished amazing things all while having an ostomy.  So I know that is a bit of a crazy example, but another is an athlete that I look up to.

This man ended up getting a colostomy and wanted to not give up his professional career.  He was a professional bicycle rider for France and he decided that he wanted to prove that a stoma would not change his life for the worse in any way.  He ended up training with the goal of running an Iron Man competition in under 11 hours.  That is one of the most difficult physical feet in the entire world and a man with an ostomy decided he wanted to compete in it.  Not only did he compete but he succeeded in his goal of completing the 2 miles swim, 24-mile run, and 100 plus mile bike ride in under 11 hours. WOW  just wow.  That is an incredible accomplishment and he did it with regular ostomy gear.  That is flat out what I call not handicapped.

So do not simply take the fact that you have a stoma as a death sentence for being active or sucessfull.  Most people actually live the same life they did before with only a few extra daily routines.  Yes, there is a learning curve on how to handle the gear and how to handle your stoma and skin.  But it is a quick learnign curve and the ostomy gear of 2020 is flat out incredible.  Information is everywhere and you can simply go on social media and get all the regular fashion tips and lifestyle hacks on how to live a pretty wild life with a stoma.  So take heart and be great!

Author: Wilford Giron

At the moment I'm managing wooden trains in Phoenix, AZ. Crossed the country researching race cars in Ocean City, NJ.

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