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Getting a deer with a stoma

One of my favorite things to do is to be outside.  This all mixes really well with my favorite seasons and I love the fall.  This all culminates into my absolute best time of year and that is hunting season in the midwest because it all falls between the Fall season and the truly best part of the year.  I love hunting because it brings together my favorite weather and also one of my favorite sports and competition.  It is an incredible part of life that brings me back to a day when times were so much harder for our ancestors and it allows me to have a bit of the same feeling that they had. It is a connection and it was a connection that I thought I was not going to be able to do when I got an ostomy.  I thought my ostomy bag was going to hurt my ability to enjoy the outdoors.  So I want to let everyone know that it is more than possible but in some ways, my ostomy actually helps me in the woods and allows me to deer hunt more efficiently and effectively as well.

The fact is that being outside can be really hard on the body.  Each year even before I had my stoma I spent time in the gym specifically getting in shape for hunting season.  Most people think it is easy, but when you have to hike for miles over lots of different terrains and also end up carrying up to 100 lbs of meat out on your back it gets physical.  I actually like to think of hunting as a version of very hard and heavy backpacking and in some cases, it is much worse than backpacking as the weight is much greater.  The sport of hunting is that it is incredibly physical in many different ways and deer hunting in the backcountry or valleys can be really hard.  I know that training with a stoma is a little more complicated than without but it is totally doable.  But if you are new to the world of having a stoma then you need to be careful not to hurt yourself.  You need to be careful to let your body heal first and then grow muscles in the right timing to be able to get active again.

I worked really hard to get a deer this year and was lucky to be able to have the strength to get out to the location to actually hunt.  Be able to get in a position and stock the animal enough to get it and then to be able to find it after I finished the job.  I was able to legitimately gather all the meat and travel a few miles back to a vehicle.  It was a very hard and time-consuming task, but I did it all with a stoma and an ostomy bag. My ostomy bag allowed me to not have to use the restroom while being outside and I was able to keep my scent much lower than I used to be able to because of this.

There are a ton of scent blocking clothing items that I used and also pills I could take to make sure my scent was going to be lower than the animals could smell.  Where that is incredibly complicated to keep your smell from an animal anyway I found that my ostomy did not hurt me at all in hunting.

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