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Hunting with an Ostomy

One of the things that I really enjoy doing in life is being outdoors.  Now having an ostomy and living with a stoma for a time did hinder me from being very active.  I am pretty new to the ostomy world and have spent a good amount of time getting my body physically able to be able to be outdoors and active again.  This took a lot of back and forth between my ostomy nurse and Doctor.  I really think that relationship was key for me to be able to be active again and I suggest talking with your healthcare provider for your specific situation.  But this will be another hunting season for me and I want to say how surprised I am at how having an ostomy does not effect my choice to put meat on the table for my family.

So for the most part I am a deer hunter.  This is one area that recently got into in the last 5 years.  I spent some time in college with a good friend who always has specialty meats in his freezer.  He would eat duck one night, and steaks the next.  It baffled me how he was able to afford it back then.  It all hit me hard and came to make sense decades later to me.  He was a hunter.  On his college breaks he would go hunting instead of head down to the beach.  It allowed him to eat like a king and do it all for almost no cost.  About five years ago I started talking to him again and he gave me some great tips about deer hunting. I got so excited to go out and learn something new so I dived right in.

With an ostomy in mind he was worried about smells with the deer since they have 40 times our sense of smell.  He stated that smell was the most important part of hunting and playing the wind with deer is how you do it.  Well it turns out that after calling several ostomy companies up that scent blocking bags exist and they are made of the same stuff that super high end hunting gear is made of.  This was amazing because I doubled up on the bags and hunting gear and on my second outing I got my first deer.  It was an incredible time and to be honest super nasty, but it was an adventure.  The hardness of the weight of the deer made me happy I worked hard on getting my ab muscles back in shape and safe from any ostomy issues or hernias.  So I for the first time found out that one deer could fill my freezer for my family for a whole year.  We had all the burgers, steaks, and jerky we could really want.  Although the jerky ran out first my first year. 

So this changed my mind on being able to do anything with an ostomy.  Granted, I didn’t really go out and do insane things, but I hunted a lot more.  This year I talked with my friend again and I am going to do duck hunting for the first time.  It is really exciting and I cannot wait to have fancy duck dinners with my wife this year. So be active and don’t let your stoma hold you back!

Author: Wilford Giron

At the moment I'm managing wooden trains in Phoenix, AZ. Crossed the country researching race cars in Ocean City, NJ.

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