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Sand in your Stoma?

Going to the beach is certainly an amazing time for most people.  Even during the pandemic it didn’t stop millions of people from going to the beach to enjoy the outdoors.  I have to admit that even with a stoma I still love heading to the beach.  Sand and all it really is a wonderful time and there is literally so much to do.  I don’t want anyone to feel like just because they have a stoma that they shouldn’t go to the beach.  So I just want to go over my summer vacation and let you know that you can have a blast at the beach and don’t be afraid of sand in your stoma!

So my family likes to do a trip up to Lake Michigan once a year.  It is a different kind of fun because the water is not salt water.  I am not a fan of salt water and it really just burns everything.  So being able to enjoy the water without the fear of sharks or crazy sea life is a pretty awesome experience.  Once a year wifes extended family meets up and we spend a week just enjoying the slower pace of life.  We try to use less technology and simply spend time together having fun outside.  I think it is a wonderful time and we all are able to relax in our own way. 

Now since I have a stoma there are a few extra steps I have to take to ensure that all goes well.  For one I enjoy a stoma cap or a really small bag for the water.  I still wear a shirt just to avoid sunburn and to hide my tattoos from the younger more conservitive children.  But I make sure that my stoma is safe and one way to do it is to not be sunburned.  Getting a t-shirt that is UV rated is pretty important to me.  Most outdoor stores like Patagonia and Columbia have UV rated shirts and clothing and I like to use those when I am out on the beach.

Another important thing to me is to have backups.  Sometimes we spend a whole day on the beach away from civilization and I think having ostomy gear spares is important. You never know if you are going to fall off a jetski going 50 MPH on a wave and if it rips off your bag you may need to have a spare ready! This is why I double bag everything and make sure to keep it in a waterproof container.  I like otterbox, but there are so many good waterproof gear brands that the sky is the limit.  But make sure to keep some sanitary gear there too, because bacteria is everywhere on the beach. It is important to make sure nothing is going to get into your stoma and when things get hot, sticky, and sand is everywhere we tend to rush a bit.  So slow down take your time and make sure everything is safe.

Now my advice is to go outside and enjoy the beach.  Don’t be afraid of the what iffs and possibilities.  I think that you can be safe and happy at the beach and look good too. So just go out and make sure you are doing your best to be safe.

Author: Wilford Giron

At the moment I'm managing wooden trains in Phoenix, AZ. Crossed the country researching race cars in Ocean City, NJ.

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